What does the client portal look like?
We have an Android, iPhone & iPad and web-based portal. The client portal invitation email encourages your clients to use their smart phone (Android or iPhone) because we have an app on the Apple Appstore and on the Android (Google Play) app store. These apps are much more robust than our web-based client portal because they work even if WiFi goes down or there is a power outage and they also support the Chat feature. The Chat feature lets you clients send you text messages instantly and keep them from distrubing you during your night time hours unless its urgent.

Watch this tutorial below to see exactly what your clients will see when they access the web-based, Android and iPhone client portals. This tutorial is for Mobile Midwife but the only difference is the fields the client will see in Mobile Lactation Consultant.

How are repeat clients handled?
There are two main approaches to handling repeat clients. First and foremost, the previous record should remain signed off (locked) and untouched under the Inactive tab.

The most straight forward approach is to have the client visit your client portal again and fill out all their information from scratch. This approach ensures that the client record has up-to-date information from the client address to their current medications.

The second approach is to open their previous record under the Inactive tab and press the "Copy Client" button located on the same menu as the Email and Print buttons. This feature creates a new client record and copies only the information under the Mom, Infant and Health tabs in the Client Info section. The new client record will appear under the Lactation tab. Then the "Send Client Access" button can be pressed to email the client a unique portal link and auto generated password. The client can access the link from any device to update their info under the Mom, Health and Infant tabs. Alternatively, they can utilize your iPad during their first visit to update this information.

How can a client be inactivated or deleted?
To delete a client open their record and press "Client Info" in the lower left corner. Then press the trash icon located in the upper right corner if you wish to delete the client. Press the archive button next to the trash icon to inactivate the client.

How can a document template be edited or added?
Editing a Template
A document templated can be edited by tapping on any document thumbnail under the Templates tab and choosing "Edit Template". This does not allow a templates text to be edited but it does allow the fillable text fields, check boxes, initial or signature boxes to be moved or added anywhere. To edit the text or layout would require a fully licensed copy of Adobe Acrobat Standard or Professional. These licenses are expensive and probably not worth the investment. The recommended approach is to add a new template.

Adding a Template
Create your document in Microsoft Word or some other word processor and then save the document as a PDF file. Then email the PDF to yourself and open that email on your iPad/iPhone, tap on the attachment and choose to open it in Mobile Lactation Consultant. Then under the Templates tab press "add template" and choose the document you just sent over. Microsoft Word versions of our consent forms are available under the Files section in our closed Facebook community.

Messages and Message Templates
Messages and Message templates will help you communicate with your clients.

The following video demonstrates this feature :

How to use Text Templates
Using a Template
Use the Text Template feature to quickly type long notes. Mobile Lactation Consultant is designed to capture all the details of every visit by simply tapping various options on the visit form, however many providers with a more medical oriented background prefer to type their assessments. This feature is common amongst EHRs and can save time, provide consistency and quality control in your charting.

To use a Text Template, open any visit record and type zzz in one of the comments boxes such as the Objective Comments. Then choose one of the text templates that appear. The text you chose will be inserted where your cursor was and replace the zzz you typed. Each group of three underscores or more will be highlighted as you tab through the text and fill out the blank underscore areas.

Adding a Text Template
To add a Text Template, go to the Settings->Text Templates tab. Then press "edit" in the upper right corner. Then type the name of your text template followed by a colon. The type the text template words. Place a series of three under scores (i.e. ___) in each part of the text that you want to be fillable.

How to use the Reminders feature
The Reminders feature helps you ensure nothing is forgotten with each client record. You can create a list of items that must be marked as completed for each client record. There are also visual queues in the client list that help you see at a glance which charts have an outstanding required reminder.

The Tasks feature is also a powerful tool that can be used for similar purposes. The benefit of the reminders feature is that it is a predefined list of items that must be completed or reviewed for every chart. The Task feature on the other hand is valuable for assigning key tasks to a user in the practice to be completed by a certain date. Please watch our Tasks tutorial for more information.

The following video demonstrates this feature :

How to copy a chart to another Mobile Lactation Consultant practice
You can copy a chart to another Mobile Lactation Consultant practice by following the steps below. This creates a completely separate copy. Any changes the other practice makes to their copy will not effect your version of the chart. They can however copy the chart back to your practice after they make changes. Then you can merge the two charts togeather or just delete your older version and keep their newer one.

There are many reasons to copy a chart to another practice such as if the client transfers care to another provider permenantly. However if another provider is just temporarily handling the care of your client it may be more advantageous to add that provider as a user to your practice. You can make them an "explicit access" user only so that they only have access to view that one client. That can be done by setting their "role" to "contributor" and set this option to Yes - "User can only open clients that they are explicitly provided access to under the 'Other Info' tab of the client record or if they are set as primary".

Steps to copy client :
1. Navigate to the Settings->Account tab
2. Scroll down and press "Open Account Utility"
3. That will launch our web-based utility which you will log into using your normal Mobile Lactation Consultant credentials
4. In the action field choose "Copy a client record to another MLC or MM practice"
5. Enter the record # of the client you want to copy and the name of the practice you want to copy it to
6. The system will display the address of the MLC practice it found and the name of the client associated with the record # you entered
7. Press confirm

How to merge two clients together
Sometimes you end up with two of the same client with some information in one record and different information in the other record and you want to merge the two. This can happen if you created a client record for them at their first visit and then later they went to your client portal to create a new record. This rarely happens now though because we added the ability for clients to login to an existing record in the client portal. You can press the "Send Client Access" button located on the same menu as the Print and Email buttons to email instructions on how to login to an existing record to a client.

To merge two records first decide which record you want to merge into and which record you want to merge from. It doesn't really matter which direction you go but we typically recommend merging the record that you created into the record that the client created. Once you pick which record you want to merge into, open that record and double tap in the client record number field located in the Basic tab to copy it to the clipboard. Then open the record you are merging from and press the "Merge Client" button located just under the Print and Email buttons. Then double tap in the record number field to paste the record number you previously copied. Choose which categories you wish to merge and press Done. The merge feature does not delete the source record. It is recommended that you simply inactivate the source record instead of deleting it incase there is still data in it that is important which you did not merge over.

How to send a report to the Pediatrician
The most common way to approach this is to open the visit record under the Visits tab and press the Email button located on the action menu. The action menu is accessed by pressing the button on the toolbar that looks like a square with an arrow pointing upwards. This will cause the Data Export screen to appear. Under the Data export screen set the "include letterhead" field to Yes. This will cause a nice letter head with your company name, address, phone number, fax and NPI to be included at the top of the exported document. Then you can type in a message in the title field such as "Please find the report for your patient's recent lactation consultation below. Feel free to call me at the number above with any questions". Then choose the "Open Visit Simplified" or "Currently Open Visit" category. The first one exports only the comments sections of the visit record whereas the second one includes everything from the visit record. Then press the Done button. The email composer window will appear with your report attached as a PDF. Enter the To email address and press send. To fax the document, we recommend subscribing to a service such as HelloFax.com which will allow you to simply enter the [faxnumber]@hellofax.com in the email address field. They will then fax the attached PDF for you and send a confirmation email once it is done.

The following is a video tutorial of how to create a report as already described above

How to create and send an insurance claim
Mobile Lactation Consultant now has the ability to submit professional and institutional claims electronically or by paper to any payer. It is free use the paper billing however there is a fee of $39/month to be able to submit claims electronically. Activate the electronic claims feature in the Settings->Account tab in the Billing section. To add a claim, open any client record and press on the Tasks & Billing->Insurance Claims tab. Then press "add claim" in the upper right corner and choose "add professional claim" unless you are billing for facility usage in which case choose "add institutional claim". The next step is to choose the claim type of Paper or Electronic. Then choose the Payer. The Payer information is pulled from the Financial Information section in the client's intake. Then choose your diagnoses and procedure codes. Then press "Print Claim". You will have the option to print on CMS 1500 special paper or directly onto plain paper.

The following video demonstrates this feature :

How to send an invoice to the client
Sending an invoice to a client can be done easily with our client billing feature. Open any client record and navigate to the Tasks & Billing tab. Open the Billing side tab and then press "add entry" at the top. Press "add charge" and choose the appropriate procedure code(s). If there are any payments, tap on the "payments/adjustments" button, choose "payment type" and enter the payment amount. Then press "send invoice" to generate a professional invoice. This invoice can be used by your clients to obtain reimbursement from their insurance company as it has all the data needed on a superbill.

The following video demonstrates this feature :

How to charge client credit cards
Charge client credit cards and bank accounts using the payment feature in Mobile Lactation Consultant. Go to the Settings->Account tab and set "Enable ability to charge client credit cards" to Yes. Then press "Create PaySimple Account" to apply for your PaySimple merchant account. We use PaySimple to handle payment processing. Then you can go to the Billing tab under a client record to create an invoice and charge their credit/debit card. You can also setup a payment plan or setup automatic invoice emails on a periodic basis. Client's can click on the Make Payment link in the emailed invoice to visit the client payment portal and make payments on their own.

The following video demonstrates this feature. The video is for Mobile Midwife however it works the same in Mobile Lactation Consulant :

How to send a care plan to the client
Using document templates and export feature
The primary method of sending a care plan is to create a document template for each of your care plans. The template should be marked as "non-standard" so it doesn't get automatically added to new clients as they are created. That could be confusing for clients when they visit your client portal and are directed to review and sign any consent forms and financial agreements you may have added as standard documents also. At the end of each visit when you are prescribing your care plan to the client, you can make notes in the visit comments field of which care plans you provided the client. For example: 1. Mother given techniques to increase her milk production. 2. Mother is to take time off to allow her nipples to heal. Etc.

You can also add a reminder section that contains all your care plans. This can be done by customizing your reminders under the Settings->Reminders tab. Then you can touch on the reminders icon located in the upper left corner of the screen while a visit record is open and choose which care plans you want to provide the client. These items will then also be recorded under the "completed reminders" field in the visit record. After that step, the client's document tab can be opened and you can press the Add Document button and choose one or more of your care plans and add them. You can then navigate back to the Visits tab, open the visit record and press the Email button on the action menu to open the Data Export screen. Then choose the care plan documents you just added under the client's document section and the "open visit simplified" category which only includes the various notes sections from the visit. Alternatively, you can choose "currently open visit" to include all the details from the visit in the export. It is also recommended to set the "include letterhead" field to Yes. Then press done, enter the client's email address and press Send.

Instead of creating separate plan documents some users will a single and very large document template that contains all the care plans. Then place check boxes at the top of the document that will be checked to indicate to the client which sections they need to review. Although the check boxes are purely optional as the plan of care instructions are normally notated in the Plan comments of the visit record that normally included in the export.

Using Message feature
Many of our users create a separate Message template for each of their care plans by going under the Settings->Message Templates tab. Then after each visit one of these care plans can be sent to a client by going under the Visits->Messages tab and then choosing the appropriate Message template. Then optionally a document attachment can be added. Then press send and the client will receive the care plan in their email. You will also be sent a copy of the email. If the client responds to the email, their response, and any responses you have, will be all copied under the Messages tab even though you are responding back and forth by email.

With any of these approaches it's a good idea to offer them a paper copy also. Some moms would rather open the PDF on their phone however some will prefer a printed version.

How to chart twins
When the client fills out the client intake through the client portal or on your iPad they will set the "multiples?" field located under Health tab to Yes. This will cause some of the forms throughout the app to change to accommodate charting for twins. Instead of just one Baby tab there will be multiple tabs named Baby A, Baby B and so on. These tabs will capture the baby information including name, DOB and birth weight. A new field in the lactation visit form named "which baby?" will allow you to choose from "Baby A", "Baby B" and so on. This will enable you to create a separate visit record for each infant and differentiate between the two. It is important to have separate visit records for each infant because there is very little overlap between visit records for separate infants. Most of the questions and exams on the visit form are infant centered and not mother center. It's also very possible that the mom is only seeking consultation with regards to issue with one of the infants and not both.

How to use your finger print to login
Never bother entering your password again! With the new touch id feature available on the iPad and iPhone you can now login quickly to Mobile Lactation Consultant. To enable this feature first login into MLC with the user account that you want associated with your finger print. Then open the Settings->Users tab and press the "Set Touch ID" button at the top of the screen. You will be asked to press your finger on the home button and enter your password again for MLC. That's it, now log out and use your finger print to log back in!

The following video demonstrates this feature :

How to configure your iPad to automatically update to the latest version of MLC
There are three things guaranteed in life - death, taxes and a new MLC update every two weeks or less. Instead of having to manually update MM to the latest version you can configure you iPad/iPhone to automatically update to the latest versions as they come out. To do so open the iPad Settings app, scroll down and press on the "iTunes & Appstore" option and then set the "Updates" field to on by sliding it to the green position.