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Client List

Below is the login screen and the home screen of Mobile Lactation Consultant that you see right after you login. All your clients are listed in order of how old the baby is. You can type 1 or more letters in the search box to find any client.

Client Sign up

A client will be able to visit the client portal from any device to create their client record and sign your consent forms. Alternatively you create the record yourself and even hand them your device. Once you tap the "Add Client" button you will see this welcome screen. You can tap the Lock button to keep the patient from exiting the add client process and view other patient information.

Once the client taps the Start Here button they will be asked to take a picture of themselves.

Basic Information

After the client takes their picture they will fill out their basic information as seen here. Click on any picture to see it larger. Once they are done, they tap the "Next Step" button which is at the bottom of the screen (the screenshot does not show it).

Note, once the client fills this information out, their changes get automatically uploaded to the Mobile Lactation Consultant servers and if there are other iPad users in your practice they will automatically receive updates every few minutes.

The best part is that your data is actually on your iPad/iPhone/Mac, so if you do not have internet available at a client's home for instance, it will still work perfectly.

Health Information

Now the client will fill out information about their family and personal health history. Any medications, allergies or problems they add to this screen will get automatically populated to the Meds, Allergies and Problems sub tabs under the larger Visits tab. These forms in the Client Info tab are designed primarily for just the client to fill out.

Baby Information

Here the client will fill out information on their last pregnancy, labor & delivery and the baby.


Now they will be presented with a confirmation page where they will review all the information they entered and sign.

A copy of this signed summary is saved as a PDF so that even though you may modify information in these tabs later on, you can still reference the original summary with their signature.

Document Signing

After the patient has signed their summary they will be directed to read and sign any consent forms you may have. This is the last step of the sign-up process. With this feature, your practice can finally go totally paperless! The patient will write their signature on your documents on an iPad/iPhone/Mac or Android device itself using their finger or a stylus.

You can import any PDF you like into Mobile Lactation Consultant as a template. You then drop check boxes, text boxes, signature and initial boxes in all applicable areas on the PDF document. Then anytime you create a new client, an instance of these documents will show up under their Documents tab as unsigned.

Document Templates

With Mobile Lactation Consultant, you can go totally paperless because your clients are directed to sign all of your consent forms during the sign-up process! Mobile Lactation Consultant comes with generic consent forms. However, you can import any document of your own choosing and make it interactive with check boxes, text boxes and signature boxes.

There are many ways to import a document. A PDF can be dropped on the Mobile Lactation Consultant app from iTunes or Dropbox can be used. Most users however email the PDF to themselves and then open that email on their iPad. Then press & hold on the attachment and chose to open it in Mobile Lactation Consultant. Then press "Add Document" on the toolbar from within the Documents or Templates tab and touch the name of the file that was just exported to Mobile Lactation.

Creating a Template

Once a document is imported you can began dropping text boxes, check boxes and signature boxes anywhere to make the document interactive. Set the document to be a "Standard Document" to have it automatically be added to each new client record during the sign-up process.

Watch this NEW video on how to create and use Templates!

Lactation Visit

From the Visits tab you can add, view or edit patient visits. You can press the show details button to see all the information on each visit. Notice the "Core Client Information" box at the top. This holds fields that are frequently needed and keeps you from having to go back to other areas of the app to find information you commonly need.

Add new visit

Pressing "add new visit" will display this form. This form not only helps you record your visit information but it also guides you through the process. First you obtain subjective information from mom, such as her chief concern, how she and baby have been doing and so forth. Further down in the Objective section there are also fields for performing a Maternal, Infant or Breastfeeding exam and more. Then below the Objective section is the Assessment and Plan sections where you provide your assessment and plan of care.

Lactation Visit - Objective Information

From this part of the form is where you can see the Objective, Assessment and Plan sections. Notice the Reminders popup that appears after the reminder icon on the toolbar is tapped. Any reminders you select from this list will be placed under the "completed reminders" field in the Plan section. So, if you provided the client with education on "Pumping methods" or "Nipple care" then you can select those items from the list.

Lactation Visit - Assessment

Notice here you can select from the entire list of ICD 10 diagnoses codes. You can search "Mast" to find all the CPT codes related to Mastitis and so forth. Once you select one or more codes they will appear under the "diagnoses codes" field of this visit just like reminders do.

Scheduling your next visit

Mobile Lactation Consultant integrates nicely with your iPad/iPhone/Mac Calendar. So, whether you configured your Apple device to use Gmail or iCloud mail & Calendars, you can add appointments to that Calendar from within Mobile Lactation Consultant using the calendar icon on the toolbar. Your clients name, email and contact info will automatically be populated into the calendar event.

Sharing Data with Customer

After every lactation visit press "Email Visits to Client" and a password protected PDF will be sent to your client with a copy of all their visits (minus the private comments - any comments you enclose in brackets are hidden from printouts and emails). The PDF is password protected with a challenge question that only they would know, such as the last 4 digits of their social.

Contacts Integration

Press the phone icon to add a client to your iCloud, Google, Yahoo or Hotmail contact list. Mobile Lactation Consultant populates the contact record with the client's photo, phone numbers, EDD, email, address, partner name and more!

Choose "Map Client" and their home address will be located using Google maps.

Printing, Emailing, Faxing and Mapping

By pressing the phone icon on the toolbar you can add your client to your Contacts, Email, Text or even pull their home up on Google maps. By pressing the export icon on the toolbar you can email, fax, print or send any part of the client record as a PDF anywhere. You can choose just to send your lactation visits and client health history, or you can send the entire client record, including all attachments and pictures in one fax or password protected PDF. You can password protect the PDF file you send in an email, thereby being totally HIPAA compliant and keeping your client's data safe.

Professional Printing

Here is a small example of what your client record may look like when printed or exported as a PDF. All pages include a page header and footer that display your practice name, the client name and record #, page number and more.

Attach Photos

You can attach photos or PDF documents to client's Documents section. You can then attach those documents to any particular visit, lab result or many other places. You can also take a photo directly from the lactation visit form and attach it just to that visit.


Keep track of your client's balance, payments and past due amounts by using the Billing feature in Mobile Lactation Consultant. Add CPT and ICD codes and attach the built-in superbill that is now available as a free document Template.


You can create a note and also choose to have it appear in the "Core Client Information" box. You can also choose to have a note appear every time you open the Visits or Client Info tab.


The tasks tab is a very useful tool that allows you to create any task with a due date or no due date. You can assign the task to yourself or any other person in your practice. The task can follow a workflow of steps such as New, In Progress, Waiting for Signoff and Completed. You can choose to have any of the tasks appear in the Core Client Information box or even popup when you open the client record so you can be sure not to forget to ask the client something important next time you see them.

View ALL outstanding tasks and past due payments

A tasks and billing feature would not be complete without allowing you to see all the outstanding tasks and balances for all clients at the practice level. Here you can view, sort and navigate to any of the clients that have past due payment or maybe you have a task to schedule a follow-up appointment. It's all here in one place for easy access!

Insurance claims

Create and submit insurance claims to insurance companies electronically or by paper.

Mobile Lactation Consultant will generate both professional and institutional claims. Easily copy billing codes from a visit record and print and mail the claim for reimbursement.

Mobile Lactation Consultant prints onto they industry standard CMS-1500 or UB-04 paper that can be ordered from anywhere. Place it in the mail and wait for the checks to come back from the insurance company. Record payments, appeals and denials in Mobile Lactation Consultant and keep track of insurance balances.

Client Portal

On Thanksgiving Day 2013 we released the new Mobile Lactation Consultant web-based client portal, accessible from any PC or Mac. Every practice has its own unique URL that new clients can go to and fill out their paper work prior to the first in-person visit. Once the client completes their paperwork from the comfort of their own home, their record will automatically appear on your iPad(s) and you will receive an email notification.

Messaging & Chat

All emails and messages between you and your client are now all recorded under their record in a secure HIPAA compliant manner. Our new Chat feature replaces texting. Instant messages from clients will not wake you up in the middle of the night anymore. With MLC Chat, you can set boundaries so that only urgent messages come through on off hours.

Signing Off Charts & Change History

The following video was made for Mobile Midwife EHR however it also applies to Mobile Lactation Consultant.